tisdag 10 februari 2009

How to find and delete duplicate files

If you use your computer long enough, it will get littered with duplicate files. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, media files etc, you will be amazed at how many duplicate files you have. This is problematic in many ways, not only do the duplicate files mess up your hard disk and take away precious hard disk space, but they also make it hard to find the files you want. Here is a guide that helps you find and delete duplicate files

onsdag 28 januari 2009

10 basic tips


Here is some basic guide lines for how to keep your files in order. It may not be the most advanced tips but it is always good to keep your files in order.

tisdag 16 december 2008

Windows explorer as ftp client

If you for some reason do not want to install an ftp client on your computer, or if you are using a public computer without one, you can use the windows explorer instead.

Lifehacker has a really easy guide on how to do it:


onsdag 10 december 2008

7 tips to manage your files better

Here is a usefull guide from microsoft with some general info about file handling

onsdag 3 december 2008

Deleting files takes too long?

Sometimes windows takes a long time to delete files. What many people do not know is that the more files you have in the recycle bin, the longer it takes to delete files. Empty the trash and speed up deleting!

tisdag 30 september 2008

How to batch rename files

When importing pictures from a digital camera, the files have names that does not make sense. Renaming the files one by one is a slow and boring way change all the names.
I found a guide of how to rename lots of files at once here.

This is a quite limited way of doing it however, if you want more options you have to use a program. for exampel http://www.filerenamer.net/

torsdag 25 september 2008

Comparison of duplicate file finders

I found this comparison of duplicate file finders.
I have had problems with duplicates myself, mostly photos from my digital camera.
Maybe I will test some programs and write reviews.